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Changzhou, China

WESG CS:GO Grand Final: 2nd round results

The second round of group stage of WESG CS:GO Grand Final is over. This time we have been watching games within Groups «A» and «B».



Team EnVyUs was the first one to take 3 points. Showing a self-confident game, Boys in Blue have beaten Team SubtLe on de_mirage and de_cache.


EnVyUs vs subtLe @ de_mirage [16:7]
EnVyUs vs subtLe @ de_cache [16:9]


The next win of the day was gotten by Team Colombia. ENZO put up a fight on the enemy’s pick, but failed to make an answer on their own choice, and lost the match with 2:0 at the scoreboard. 


Colombia vs ENZO @ de_overpass [16:10]
Colombia vs ENZO @ de_train [16:7]


At the same time, Team Russia and Virtus.Pro have failed to decide the strongest team. VP stumped the Russian squad on their one of the most favourite maps, but showed not strong enough performance on de_cache. 


— Team Russia vs Virtus.Pro @ de_mirage [5:16]
Team Russia vs Virtus.Pro @ de_cache [16:13]


Another 2:0 we saw in the game between Epsilon eSports and Team One. Epsilon destroyed the Brazilians on the first map, and had some struggles on the second one, but still managed to win it in the end. 


— Team One vs Epsilon @ de_overpass [3:16]
— Team One vs Epsilon @ de_dust2 [10:16]


k23 and rEAK were the next teams to share points. Winning k23’s map-pick, the Chilean couldn’t do the same on the second map. Thus the score has stopped with a draw result.


— k23 vs rEAK @ de_mirage [10:16]
k23 vs rEAK @ de_cache [16:12]


The last match of the 2nd round has finished with iGame on top. Losing with a result [1:16], VG.CyberZen were completely confused on de_train. The Chinese tried to rehabilitate on de_cobblestone, but iGame.com’s squad took away the win in the overtime.


iGame vs VG.CyberZen @ de_train [16:1]
iGame vs VG.CyberZen @ de_cobblestone [19:17]


The updated results of the group stage can be found on our website.


photo credit: HLTV.org