A new era

Africa & Middle East


Dubai, UAE

Space Soldiers - the winners of WESG Africa & ME in CS:GO

The last match-day of the LAN-qualifier in Africa & ME in the CS:GO discipline was marked with the end of the Play-offs stage, where the name of the next participant of the WESG 2016: Global Grand Finals was defined.


The first to enter the fight were  C5.JO and  Dark Passage. We’ like to remind you that the both teams were defeated in the yesterday’s semi-final matches, thus going to the loser’s finals. In a battle for the third line,  ChosenFive lost out to  DP, picking up only 11 rounds during two maps. Thus, the Turkish team  Dark Passage secured a ticket to the Global Grand Finals.



Space Soldiers left Bravado without a single chance of victory


In the final encounter between  Space Soldiers and  Bravado Gaming, the Turks needed only two maps to deal with  Bravado. A confident score of [2:0] and  Space Soldiers take the first place at the WESG Africa & Middle East Regional Finals in CS:GO.


Eventually, the results of the offline-qualifier for WESG 2016 Global Grand Finals are looking as follows:


1st place:  Space Soldiers ($30,000 + slot to Global Grand Finals)
2nd place:  Bravado Gaming ($18,000 + slot to Global Grand Finals)
3rd place:  Dark Passage ($9,000 + slot to Global Grand Finals)


We’d like to remind you that the qualifier for World Electronic Sports hasn’t been finished yet and the online-qualifiers in the European region will kick off quite soon. More information about the tournament can be found at int.wesg.com.