A new era

Africa & Middle East


Dubai, UAE

AS became the champions of WESG Africa & Middle East in Dota 2

The fight for a third place was opening a gaming day in Dota 2.  Bravado Gaming met the team of  SliCe N’ Dice. The squads were fighting for a last slot in WESG Global Grand Final, with $3.7 million on offer.


Despite a good start of  SliCe N’ Dice, the African line-up failed to resist the onslaught and change the game’s tide in their favor. An unfortunate loss on the first map has greatly brought the Egyptian guys down. Up to the second map, they have failed to get back on track, and, as a result – a smashing defeat by  Bravado Gaming.



In the Grand-finals of WESG Africa & Middle East in Dota 2 were fighting  Dark Passage and  Aboshamalah.


The Jordanian team has been showing a high-level game during all the tournament. In the finals they decided not to risk, keeping the usual strategy. As a result – two easy wins and the champion’s title of the regional qualifier for WESG Africa & Middle East! Besides slot in the WESG Global Grand Finals,  Aboshamalah receive ¥200,000.



The qualifying matches in this region are over. We congratulate  Aboshamalah,  Dark Passage and  Bravado Gaming with the tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals, where they will accompany the winners from other qualifiers in a stand-off for $3.7 million.


The prize pool division in the Dota 2 discipline:


1st place:  Aboshamalah ($30,000 + slot to Global Grand Finals)

2nd place:  Dark Passage ($18,000+ slot to Global Grand Finals)

3rd place:  Bravado Gaming ($9,000 + slot to Global Grand Finals)


Thank you for following the finals. We’d like to remind you that the regional qualifiers in Europe and CIS will kick off quite soon. Hurry up to register!